"User Avatar" is an add-on for Jira by Atlassian, created to show avatars aside custom fields of type user.

Once installed the add-on on your Jira instance, the application will start work and you will start to see avatars aside custom fields of type user that you didn't see before!

The add-on is free for use till it's 1.0.8 version and compatible for Jira versions 7.0.0-7.12.3.

From version 2.0.1 the add-on is paid.

How To Control Where To Show User Avatars?

You can do that only in the paid version!

Go to the "Add-ons" page in the admin section (must be Jira admin to access this).

Look for "USER AVATAR" in the left panel, click "Display Configuration" under it.

Now you will see 3 check boxes (by default they are all marked).

You will see avatars if a check box marked, if you don't want to see avatars in a specific page, clear the check box, and save.

For example, if i want to see avatars only in "Issue View" without seeing avatars also in "Dashboards" and "Search Results" screens, it will look like that:

Free Version vs Paid Version

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