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Here are some tips to get you started. You can edit this page to see how it works!

1. Create a page

  • Click "Create" and select "Blank Page" to create your first page.
  • New pages are created as children of the page you are currently viewing.

2. Add to your page

  • Click "Edit" to enter the Confluence editor and use the page layouts feature to structure your content using sections and columns.
  • Use headings to format your text and drag and drop images into your page to provide visual interest.
  • Click "Insert" and select "Other Macros" to add macros for navigation, special formatting and other media.

    “Select2” is an add-on for Jira by Atlassian, created to replace the built-in single-select & multi-select custom fields that Jira has.

    With "Select2" your single-select & multi-select custom fields will change to be more user friendly and more usable.

    How it Works?

    Simply install the plugin, no more configuration is needed!


    On this page:

    Table of Contents

    3. Organise your pages

    Here are some tips for organising your content.

    • Change the page order

    The sidebar on the left displays your pages in a hierarchy. If you have Space Administrator permissions you can click "Space Tools" > "Reorder Pages" to move pages around.

    • Add labels

    Labels help keep pages organised and make it easier for you to find the information you need. Click "Labels" at the bottom of a page to add or edit. The "Related pages" section on this page uses labels too!

    • Make templates

    Standardise and speed up the page creation process with templates. You can create and format a template with page layouts, standard headings and instructional text for hints and guidelines. Check out our sample page on "Making a template"

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